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I just wanted to say hello to my fellow Ravenclaws since there was no post in here yet. I think we should introduce ourselves so we can get to know each other and be able to work well together whenever a house activity occurs. I'll go first.

My name is Danielle and I'm 16. I love to read and write. I just got into Harry Potter last year and I'm loving every bit of it. I join communities like this to just get to know other people who have the same interests as me. I love to be on the computer, so I'll probably be around here a lot even if I'm just lurking. I really love music too. I'll listen to just about anything. What else? Oh, my favorite character from Harry Potter is Harry. I just love his courageousness and it's exciting to read all of his adventures that he has. I can't think of anything else right now, but feel free to add whatever you like when you're introducing yourself.

Now let's hop to it!
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My name is Diane, I'm 17 years old. (I almost wrote 16, I'm just not used to being 17) I'm always online, unless I'm reading. Speaking of reading I'm an avid book buyer. All I do is buy books, sometimes more books than I can handle. I also watch a lot of movies, and lots of TV. In my A.P. Psychology class, people refer to me as the human IMDB. On to Harry Potter... My favorite character is Ron, because he brings a smile to my face, and my favorite ship is Ron and Hermione.
i think we should have an introduction form thing (name, age, favorite character, etc.)
but on to my intro...

My name is Gal, i'm 16. I'm addicted to aim, icq, msn, and the like. i love reading and renting movies. i don't have a favorite character really, but i love the weasley twins(probably because i'm a twin and they're such troublemakers). My favorite book is probably GoF, but i think all of them are books you can read and reread and still find interesting.

oh, and because i don't know who's in charge of the community, i'm just going to mention this here...i think that our community entries should be friends only....i've seen it done in other communities, and it'll encourage fellow ravenclaws to join since they won't be able to see the posts otherwise
I agree with our hoh. we need to get to know each other more. i'm new here although the hoh told me about this place many times. my name is sara the hoh is my cuz so obviously i know her. ever since the 1st hp book came out i've been facinated and obsessed with it. i LOVE to write. i will write anything at all. i'm also interested in teaching infact as soon as i figure out how to work it i'm gonna be the DADA teacher hope you all can join! i also like to listen to music esp. NSYNC like my cuz. hehe dani. well thats pretty much me guess now ya know me :)